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[27.04.] Greek Militarism in the Age of Syriza / Griechischer Militarismus in Zeiten von Syriza

Infoveranstaltung am 27. April 2016 um 18:00 Uhr in der Meuterei
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We will host a talk by a comrade from the Greek anarchist antimilitarist group of total military objectors Xypolyto Tagma from Ioannina. He will talk about their practice of total military objection as well as about militarism and the increasing militarisation of the Greek society under the left-wing government of Syriza. The event will be hold in English, translations into other languaages can be organised on the spot. Below the short description by Xypolyto Tagma:

On the event

How important is the army for a state, both for internal and external affairs? Does the greek state have geostrategic interests? Has the greek state expansion tensions/strategies? How old and stable are these strategies, do they change whenever the government changes? Examples of greek militarism in the age of Syriza: Greece’s role in the war of Syria. The involvement of the Greek army in detention centers.